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Guardian Alien S/T 12" LP

$12.00 - On Sale

"Some folks believe in guardian angels, benevolent beings that watch over us and protect us from harm. But what if there are other beings out there, also watching over us and waiting to make contact? Anybody who's flipped through, say, The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials, or has seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind, has most likely wondered: What if there are guardian aliens out there?" Joe McGasko Free Music Archive

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Guardian Alien wonders this same thing. Loudly. Featuring Greg Fox, Alex Drewchin Jr, Turner Williams Jr and a continuously rotating cast of guest performers... Guardian Alien follow the road to enlightenment previously trod by the likes of Hawkwind, Boredoms, and Sun City Girls. Their self titled debut LP features a live set recorded at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium, and collaged soundscapes culled from live and studio recordings. Guardian Alien has the following to say on the subject:


we are an invisible band of psychonauts hailing from the
Morgenheutegesternwelt (via entry points in "brooklyn" and "queens",
"new york"). we hereby present our first physically manifested
transmission in this realm. we summon the lift from our infinite
limbs, nourished on the discipline of the pho lyfe anarcho-tao tantra,
to buckle in and light up free and clear for TAKE OFF (using the
merqabic tetrahedral qi transport / your clothing). the LP consists of
studio and live recordings, braided into chaotic, orgonomic chemtrail
whirlwinds, flourishing with the final dervishes in the last layers of
the terrestrial veil, autopilot-trance wailing hymns to chance and
confusion, bursting through the veil of the maya-rendered 4D soundscape
through the back door of chapel Perilous and into the outer
realms, where the 11th chakra spins in finite infinity, finitely, in
infinity, forever.



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Edition of 300
Risograph / Colored Vinyl
Design by Justin Sloane + Jesse Hlebo

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