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W-H-I-T-E - Twin Tigers

$12.00 - On Sale

W-H-I-T-E's (Cory Thomas Hanson) latest album, Twin Tigers, aims to convey only the most ecstatic of feelings. Utilizing tom heavy rhythms, wet soundscapes, and lush choir-like vocal melodies to push the sonic sphere into cascades of harmonic content while maintaining an ever flirtatious allegiance to melody.

- - -

"Blisteringly blissful, ethereal, sky-high, cerulean, cathedral-tipped -- keep those adjectives and adverbs rolling, you'll need them as the beat stays constant, and then even more when the bottom drops and it's just your ears and Cory Thomas Hanson's pitch-perfect vocal harmony" - Impose Magazine

"I'm constantly searching for music like this. Wide-spectrum'd, both fragile and powerful, a wall-of-sound assault without sounding muddy and overproduced… a change at every turn, layered and benevolent" - I Guess I'm Floating

"Where Deacon's mantra fits the more wild-eyed, insane protagonist, W-H-I-T-E's appears much more in-tune with reality, albeit a horrific one wrought with the pains of life." - FensePost

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Edition of 500
Risograph / Vinyl
Artwork by Alec Dartley, and Jacob Antone Konst

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W-H-I-T-E on Bandcamp