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White Fold - "Feral" / "Free" EP

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White Fold is a new musical collaboration between Cory Thomas Hanson of W-H-I-T-E, and Jesse Hlebo of Swill Children. Their first EP, "Feral" / "Free", was written in the summer of 2011.

The project began as a space of exchange between Hlebo and Hanson who began trading mix tapes in early 2011. The tracks that were sent were based on their use of phrasing, emotional space, texture, cadence and sonic quality. Following Hanson's move to New York, the project took shape as a free form collaboration with no discernible direction.
Utilizing unformed W-H-I-T-E songs as a starting point, the two slowly built a new body of songs in the sweltering heat of the summer. The resulting album is one that is heavily influenced by D'Angelo, Brian Eno, Hot 97, Thelonious Monk, tall cans, Salem, Alan Lomax, the 'cool' of night, loud fans, and Gregorian chant.

White Fold is a project presenting two visual artists' interpretation of these eclectic sources through self-conscious sounds.


The "Feral" / "Free" publication includes a unique download code for the EP. Limited to an edition of 50!

SC010 / SCP036
Edition of 50
8.5 x 10"
One color Risograph on 80# cardstock and 70# text
Saddle Stitched

Jesse Hlebo